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Estate Farm

Here at Orchardleigh, we are delighted to run our own 500 Acre Estate Farm, allowing us to rear our own meat.

Our Beef is from our heard of Aberdeen Angus cattle it is hung for 29 days to give the best texture and flavour.


Pork is from our heard of Wessex Saddlebacks, Gloucester Old Spot and Pietriene boar. The Saddleback give beautiful bacon and ham and the Old Spot make the best sausages.

  Estate Pigs

Lamb is from our heard of Shetland cross sheep – it is said that the further north the breed the better the flavour, and it is so true!!

Eggs are from our Black Rock hens they only lay every other day but they are beautiful tasting eggs with large deep yellow yolks.

We will soon be growing almost all the English vegetables including potatoes, parsnips, cabbages, cauliflowers, runner beans, onions, carrots, home grown vegetables taste so different.