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Mid Week Weddings at Orchardleigh

Mid Week Weddings at Orchardleigh

Choosing to marry mid week or during the winter months is a fabulous way of reducing your overall wedding spend; this not only includes the venue but other suppliers often reduce their rates mid week too.

Save up to 50% on total wedding cost
Greater choice and availability

Increasing in popularity

Mid week weddings have increased in popularity over the past ten years. Not only does having a mid week wedding bring down the overall cost of your big day, but it also makes it more possible to extend the celebrations over two or three days.

Bells and whistles

Orchardleigh House can sleep up to 85 guests on the evening of your wedding. We can also provide a further 10 extra beds which can be placed in certain rooms to your requirements. Prices range from £80 per room per night.

Your dream date

Generally speaking, venues and suppliers will have more availability mid week so it gives you more choice and a greater chance of securing your dream venue, photographer, band and so on for your chosen month.

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